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Esports is the niche with the most impressive fees. There are tournaments for prizes worth three million dollars and even more. In addition, professional esportsmen enter into profitable advertising contracts, participate in promotions and other events, earning even more money. As for the monetization of esports broadcasts, it occurs at the expense of viewers and subscriptions to streams.
The prize money of the best esports players in the world exceeds six million dollars

Income of the most popular esportsmen in the world

Earning money on games as an esports player is one of the most difficult: you need to devote a huge amount of time to teamwork (every day from 5–7 hours or more), pump reaction and speed, spend money on qualifying competitions and iron. Just like real athletes.

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of becoming an esportsman. I started with Counter-Strike. There were no computer clubs in our city, and therefore we had to train with the team remotely, which is not always convenient. I spent more than five years of my life on esports, but I didn’t earn any money, on the contrary: there were big expenses for equipment, travel and fees, fees for participating in tournaments. This way of earning is not for everyone – you need producer support, a strong content strategy and talent.


designer, wishing to remain anonymous

The most popular esports money making games in 2022

Dota 2;
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
League of Legends;
call of duty;
Starcraft 2;
Clash Royale;
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege;
Apex Legends;
Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Top athletes can receive up to $30,000 monthly.

The tester of computer games has been an actual profession since the first computer games appeared. New applications appear monthly, and all of them need to be tested before being sold.

I worked as a tester on crowdsourcing sites. In one project, I needed to complete the game to a certain not very high level – before that I paid $ 40. I played for a week for 2030 minutes a day.

There were 바다이야기 in which it was necessary to test the translation into Russian – for this I received 158 dollars.

Testing took place on phones with iOS and Android operating systems. Overall, I was able to earn $458 in a month while testing games.
Sergei Shaikin

Sergei Shaikin

freelance tester

The essence of the work is to play regularly, complete the tasks of developers, record data in reports. You will have to play a lot, so you can forget about getting the joy of the gameplay (or from exclusive access to the new product). The process is often repeated, quickly boring.g

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