Preventing bonus abuse in online casinos


Online casinos have to fight through a number of hurdles and one of them is bonus abuse. Initially, when the concept of online bonuses was very new and Aussie pokies were not used to attaching wagering requirements, many players made unethical use of the bonuses being given. They used to get registered with the casinos, claim bonuses and withdraw the bonus amount to never come back. This resulted in some major losses for the casinos and so they came up with some rules and special concepts to prevent this abuse. There are still many players who try to cheat the casinos by taking bonuses, more than one time, by creating fake accounts. When players try to claim bonuses, they are not eligible for, it comes under bonus abuse. Some steps have been taken by the online casinos, to prevent such abuse and the first is allowing only one person to open an account from one physical address. This may look restraining and even frustrating to players, but to prevent cases of fraud, online casinos have introduced this concept, where from a particular address only one person can open an online account. The next step that has been taken by these online gambling casinos for preventing bonus abuse is they link one particular credit card account to the name and casino account of a single player. This means that using one credit card or even bank account, only a single player can make deposits or withdrawals in a particular account. There is one more step that has been taken by online casinos for preventing bonus abuse and that is to attach wagering requirements with these bonuses. These wagering requirements refer to the number of times a player would have to wager his/her bonus amount in the casino games, before asking for a withdrawal. So, even if players manage to get bonuses on fraud addresses, they won’t be able to withdraw them easily, thereby reducing the chances of bonus abuse.

Progressives that can make you rich overnight

As the name itself suggests, progressive jackpots are those, in which the prize money or winning amount keeps on progressing in volume. These jackpots make the 온라인카지노 world more attractive and lure players from different regions. In fact, for many players, progressives are the only reason to play casino games online. Progressives are not alien to the land-based casinos, but their number, as well as prizes, is quite higher in the online casinos, especially those that are organized by big software companies. Presently, the jackpot that has accumulated maximum prize money is the Arabian Nights progressive jackpot, launched by Net Entertainment. This jackpot has accumulated a value of more than €8,200,000, which is enough to change the fortunes of anyone, who manages to strike the winning combination. There is another progressive also, the Hall of Gods, which is worth more than 6,000,000 Euros presently and the amount is increasing with each passing bet and in each passing day. This progressive has also been organized by Net Entertainment, followed by another product of the same company, the Mega Fortune, which is worth over 5,500,000 Euros presently. Party Gaming has also launched a progressive jackpot tournament by the name of ‘Big One the colossal cash’. The money involved in this jackpot has breached the 6,600,000 USD mark and is indeed heading towards being one colossal winning amount. Mega moolah is also a progressive jackpot tournament, which is not new to the world. This tournament is the brand of Microgaming and has so far accumulated over $3,500,000 for the winner. Have one look at these progressives and the money involved in them, and you will be able to decipher change in the fortunes of winners. These progressives have the potential to change lives and this has been clearly depicted by the players, who have managed to win them.

Kick start your online gambling experience

It is not uncommon to hear people say that every player has to face losses in the beginning or that casino games are only about fun and not money. Well, the fact is actually most of the gamblers go through these times and share what they have experienced. But, since it is the experience of others, it is not necessary that you also have to go through these low phases. If you meet a thorough professional gambler, who has been making profits from his/her gambling endeavors, you will come to know that you don’t have to start with losses. If you are well prepared, gained enough knowledge and with a positive mindset, then it is not impossible for you to start winning from your first game. You just need to follow two basic rules, first, to get complete knowledge of the game, and second, to focus on all little and big factors that can affect the results of your game. When you set out to learn more about the game, you will have to read a lot about its rules and hear the experiences of other players. You can also simply enter a casino and watch a game in progress. This will give you a practical idea of what to expect and what to do or avoid. Online gamblers have an added advantage in the form of the facility to play free games. Make most of these free games and learn the basics, which will help you with multiplayer games. Other than this, you also need to take care of those little things that can have a huge impact on your gambling results, like the table limits, betting systems, and other such factors. Get so much information that nothing amazes you, only then you will be able to kick start, your online gambling experience with a win.

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